About us

Who are we?

We're a wife, husband and baby trio. The wife comes up with the designs, the ideas, the creativity, the husband manages the business side of things, and the baby distracts everyone from getting any work done.

What is Naqsha?

Naqsha, the Arabic word for engravings and patterns, was born out of a love for history and Islamic geometric patterns. For years I looked for and collected any products I could find with Islamic motifs and geometric patterns, I even travelled to Spain and Morocco to delve into the endless patterns, tiles and geometry there. But it just wasn't enough, I wanted more! Fast-forward a couple of years and I took up water painting as a form of self-care, and what did I paint? You guessed it; Islamic geometric patterns. It became an obsession and a daily ritual after work.

As a long-time history nerd, I was fascinated by the Islamic Golden Era, the 8th - 10th century where Muslims excelled in fields such as the sciences, religious studies, literature, mathematics, philosophy and of course, art. I always admired the polymaths of that era who not only excelled in one field of study, but were trailblazers and pioneers in many fields all at once. I wondered how they managed to master so much at once when I could barely balance work and my personal life. But more importantly, I wanted to commemorate the legacy they have left behind, embody their faith and learn from their practices.

It is after all, as Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

Naqsha then became a marriage of these two loves, or as some might call it obsessions. Each collection represents a hand-painted design, named after a great polymath, reproduced onto different products to allow us to share this beauty with our friends, family and the world around us.